Long term travelling guide in London

The city of London serves as the capital of the United Kingdom. It is one of the most important cities in the world and is also a very famous destination for travelers. The city of London has played a very major role in international political affairs from medieval times. Today it is a prominent global city and is home to motley groups of people of different races and cultures. The city of London is characterized by excellent shopping, beautiful tourist attractions, a dynamic modern culture and wonderful accommodation facilities.

Accommodation Facilities in London

There are excellent accommodation facilities in the city of London. There are upscale and mid range hotels for high budget travelers in the city as well as hostels and lodges for backpacker travelers. The standard prices per night in the middle range hotels are about twenty pounds. The hostels are usually much cheaper. However, the middle range hotels in the city of London are a more comfortable choice than the hostels because they provide facilities like free breakfast and free laundry services along with reasonable accommodation. There are also quite a number of bed and breakfasts throughout the city of London which are a perfect choice for those having only an overnight stay in the city. There are even many guest apartments in the city which are well known for providing home cooked meals and very friendly, personalized customer service. You can use the airport rental cars in the city for tracking down a suitable accommodation location for yourself.

Sightseeing Destinations in London

The city of London has an abundance of fantastic sightseeing destinations for vacationers. One of the most popular tourist sites in the city is the Eye of London. This is a very large observation point in the city from where you can get a marvelous view of the whole of London. Another well known destination for travelers in the city of London is the Buckingham Palace. This is the residence of the Queen of England. The change of guards which occurs at the Buckingham Palace quite frequently is an activity which travelers generally love to witness.

Thus, the city of London is one of the most enthralling destinations in the whole world.

Top 5 New York Festivals

New York is known worldwide for the number of cultural and fun festivals that take place in the city throughout the year. Whether you’ve already booked your flights to New York, or if you’re simply considering a getaway, it’s worth trying to fit some of these fiestas into your Big Apple itinerary.

Chile Pepper Fiesta
Lovers of all things spicy will enjoy this fall festival, held annually at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The Chile Pepper Fiesta celebrates fiery flavours: from chilli flavoured chocolate, freshly grown chillis, and sizzling salsas and chutneys. The day includes events and talks from prolific chilli growers and enthusiasts, all with a backdrop of Latin American music, although the highlight is likely to be the range of delicious samples.

Tribeca Film Festival
Held each April, Robert De Niro’s film festival is becoming a big player rivalling top names such as Sundance and Cannes. For the duration of the festival the lower Manhattan neighbourhood becomes home to red carpet galas, outdoor screenings (no car required), and showcases arthouse films from around the globe.

Shakespeare in the Park
Tricky to get tickets for, but with Hollywood A listers like Al Pacino turning up on stage it’s well worth it. Shakespeare in the Park is currently in its 50th year, and is the highlight of the summer for native New Yorkers and visitors alike. To get a free ticket to the public theatre events, it’s recommended that you start queuing very early. Two days before, early. Be sure to take a friend so that you don’t get lonely.

Jazz Age Lawn Party
Channel your inner Gatsby with a visit to the bi-annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, held by Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra. Enjoy all the fun of the 1920s without any of the dreary prohibition stuff: expert mixologists are on hand to serve all of your cocktail needs. Join in with Charleston lessons, watch the bathing beauties contest, or simply relax and drink in the atmosphere.

New York Food and Wine Festival
Another must for foodies. The New York Food and Wine Festival is sponsored by the Food Network and features exhibitions hosted by some very famous faces. The event itself is huge, with big wine tasting sessions held by New York’s finest wine merchants and food purveyors. There are also live events that echo their televised counterparts: from the Iron Chef experience to Rock & Bowl with Anne Burrell.

Getting there
Although your dates will be dependent on when your festival of choice is, it’s still possible to find cheap flights year round with a little research. Use the comparison sites and keep an eye on the sales to see when the cheapest deals are available.

A Guide to London’s Best Museums and Galleries

London is surely one of the world’s greatest cities; a cultural icon that has some of the greatest museums and galleries in the world which showcase some of the greatest treasures and artefacts on the planet. With hundreds of galleries and museums available to visitors, picking one that is right for you can be a tricky prospect made even harder if you’re trying to fit as many of them in as possible during your stay – especially if you’re only there for a couple of days or less. With this quick guide we look at the best of these options open to you and why you should visit.

1. The British museum is perhaps the King of all of London’s museums and galleries. It is filled with over 4 million artefacts including marvels such as Egypt’s famous Rosetta Stone and the ancient Greek Elgin Marbles. Prepare to be astounded by the sheer scale of some of these exhibits as you wonder through time and history. Ensure you put aside a whole day to explore this place!

2. The National Gallery, situated in Trafalgar square, is the most impressive of all London’s art galleries. This is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of art in the world, encompassing all of the major art movements and showcasing the most famous artists to have ever lived, from Leonardo da Vinci to Pablo Picasso.

3. For a museum that the kids will love, The Science Museum is an absolute must. Learning about science has never been so fun and you and the kids will love the wealth of interactive displays that are on offer here, most popular of which is an exploration of the human body.

4. The Victoria and Albert museum, named after the most famous of Britain’s rulers, is housed in South Kensington and holds a collection of crafts, ceramics and sculptures from all over the world. Many of the exhibits are design-oriented and showcase some of the most modern ways of showing artefacts and is a must-visit for any connoisseur of museums.

5. The Tate Modern is a showcase for the most ground-breaking modern artists. A collection of art based on the banks of the River Thames, this place is worth a visit purely for the spectacle of seeing such an expanse of open space inside such a huge industrial building. The displays here are nothing less than thought-provoking so be sure to enter the gallery with an open-mind!

6. For one of London’s smallest yet most impressive collections, you should head to famous Somerset House on the Strand. Here you will find some of London’s most impressive art housed in one of the finest properties in the city. You enter the collection through an impressive archway and into a peaceful courtyard standing in contrast to the hustle-bustle of the city and traffic that stands just metres away. The comprehensive impressionist collection on the top floor gives even the National Gallery a run for its money.

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