The Most Expensive Postcodes in the World

Which streets around the UK and the world attract the richest and most famous home buyers? Which neighbourhoods have the priciest home values, where a house for only a million pounds looks like a bargain?

The Highest Priced Homes in the UK Are in London

The most expensive neighbourhood in the UK is Kensington, which also has the most expensive street which is the famous Kensington Palace Gardens. This street is the exclusive home of international ambassadors, royalty and billionaires. The average mansion on this street is worth a whopping total of more than £22 million.

Some of the other most expensive streets in London include The Boltons where the average price for a property is over £18.5 million and Frognal Way where the prices average at £10.9 million.

London is becoming a popular haven for second homes for the super-rich from all over the world. In fact, only 11 out of 19 billionaires who live in London today are British. In fact, the area of Eaton Square in SW1W has gotten the nickname “Red Square” because of the many super-rich Russian millionaires living there. There are also plenty of oil-rich home owners from the Middle East buying homes in cash without a mortgage. The attraction is partly due to the quality of the school, financial and judicial systems in the UK.

Another pricy property area is the postcode SW3 which is the area which is located between Chelsea and Brompton. The average home prices for this area are around £1.95 million for the beautiful white stucco houses next to King’s Road.

Most Expensive Homes Outside of London

What about when we venture outside of the capital city? Virginia Water in Surrey, where the exclusive Wentworth Golf Club is located, is the most expensive area outside of London. The average prices in this beautiful wealthy oasis are around £968,000. Some of the other most expensive areas outside of London are Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and Cobham, Surrey. These locations are really just an extension of London where stockbrokers buy huge houses for their families to live in exclusive developments and commute to the city to work.

In fact, all of the most expensive postcodes in Britain are either inside London or within commuting distance from the city. As soon as you get away from the outskirts of London and the surrounding towns the prices drop significantly.

The Most Expensive Homes in the World

On a global scale, what are the most expensive homes in the entire world?

The most expensive home in the world at the moment is a 27-story 40,000 square foot tower nicknamed “Antilla” in Mumbai. It is the home of the head of the petrochemical company Reliance Industries. The home has six stories of parking space alone, not to mention the living quarters and numerous lounges. The home itself has a staff of 600 servants! The budget for the construction of this amazing property is somewhere around £637 million.
Another one of the world’s most expensive properties is the gorgeous Villa Leopolda, which is a sprawling 29,000 square foot villa on the French Riviera. With a swimming pool, a landscaped garden, 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and some of the best views of the sea in France, living in this huge home would be absolute paradise. The home was originally designed for the mistress of the Belgian King Leopold and throughout history it has been owned by the richest of the rich, including Fiat tycoon Gianni Agnelli and Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. This amazing home is valued at $506 million.

Other expensive locales to buy property include Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and Tokyo. Buying a property in the priciest neighbourhoods of any of these cities will ensure that your neighbours will all be super wealthy millionaires.

Have you ever wondered where the most expensive homes in the world are? Here are some of the priciest postcodes in existence, where the owners most definitely have invested in high net worth home insurance.

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