A Guide to Americas Classic Road Trips

Road trips have become synonymous with North America and it’s easy to see why. With such an expanse of diverse landscapes and cultures to explore, a road trip allows you to cover more ground and get the most out of your holiday. Here’s a rundown of three classic road trips you won’t want to miss.

New York and Niagara

This road trip is perfect for those looking to combine beautiful scenery with a visit to some of the most famous tourist attractions in the area. The route is around 1300 miles, which you can comfortably cover in 26 hours of driving, but to really enjoy the experience allow at least three weeks.

Start by spending a few days in New York City visiting the Empire State Building, Central Park and the many wonderful galleries around Manhattan before moving east to Montauk, Long Island, which offers trendy bars and restaurants.

Continue on to Woodstock and spend some time touring the galleries in this artists’ colony. Just north of Woodstock you will find the Catskills, a set of mountains spread across four counties and offering some peace and superb hiking and skiing.

Next it’s on to the Adirondacks Mountains for forest walks, cosy bistros and several micro-breweries waiting to welcome you. Continue west to Lake Ontario and a visit to the famous Niagara Falls. From here you start heading south-east back to NYC through the Finger Lakes region, which is home to a number of Amish farms, vineyards and craft markets.

The Music of the Deep South

This tour covers just under 800 miles and requires at least one week to really experience the unique culture of the area. It starts in Nashville, Tennessee, which can be accessed easily from most major airports in the UK. For the best deals, book flights to USA online as the savings available may allow you to upgrade your hire car and travel a little more comfortably.

Nashville is well known for its country and blues bars and for being home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. From Nashville, journey south to Memphis for a taste of real southern barbeque, blues and gospel. Sun Studios, Graceland and Wild Bill’s Duke Joint are must-see attractions before you join Route 61 and continue south into the Mississippi Delta.

The Delta is home to a number of casinos and is well known for its Creole cuisine. Visit the town of Clarksdale for the Delta Blues Museum and continue on to Lafayette, Louisiana to experience the best in Creole and Cajun music in the dancehalls. Lastly, drive east to New Orleans and indulge in the party atmosphere of its jazz and blues clubs.

North and South Dakota

Covering 980 miles and requiring at least two weeks to complete, this trip through the Badlands will immerse you in American history. It starts and ends in Rapid City. Much of this route is remote, so it’s advisable to hire a camper van as accommodation can be scarce.

The Badlands National Park will transport you back in time as you explore the rocky fossil-laden landscape and visit the 1930s store to pick up some cowboy boots or a sheriff’s barge. As you cross over into North Dakota, you can stop and visit a Sioux reservation, Sitting Bull’s burial ground and the cowboy town of Medora.

Cross back over to western South Dakota for Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore and the Indian Museum of North America before returning to Rapid City.

How to save for your next holiday

The hustle and bustle of day to day life gets to us all at some point. It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep we get, we still feel drained and tired. Each day we get up, get ready and go to work. When you repeat that cycle everyday it’s understandable that our energy drops to virtually non-existent levels. At some point you will mutter that magic phrase: ‘I need a holiday!’ The truth is, you probably do need a holiday, but there is always the question of money. Even just to spend a week overseas can cost a lot of it.

The best way to achieve that heavenly vacation is to come up with a plan. As mentioned before, a decent holiday is going to cost you a pretty large amount of money so saving is the best route to take so as to not leave you in a hole of credit card debt upon your return.

One of the most obvious things you should do as part of your plan is to decide on where you want to go. When you know the destination of your choice you can then get quotes from local travel agents which in turn will give you a figure to aim for. As soon as you have settled on a destination and have a rough idea of how you need to get there, the next step in your plan is to actually start saving for it.

Now, this is where it starts to get difficult. You will need to cut back on all non-essential expenditures. No more frivolous trips to the bar, the theatre or the cinema. If you can walk to work then do it, this will save you travel expenses.

If you do not already have a savings account you may want to consider international bank accounts since they can offer better interest rates for your savings as well.

If you understand how investing your money works, also consider offshore savings. These, if used properly can help you save more money in less time.

There are other ways to save money on a more daily basis. If you’re single then cutting down on the amount of take-away you order can help with your savings. On the other hand if you’re part of a couple and you have two cars, and you think you can live without the second car then sell it.

It is difficult to part with things we have worked hard to get, but seriously if you can do without it, sell it. Hold a garage sale to boost your holiday fund, if nothing else you will be able to use the returns as spending cash.

Ultimately, when it comes to saving for anything and not just a holiday, it’s all about what you can live without. Don’t need that extra pack cookies? Don’t buy it. Do you really need to go see that new stage play? If you can fight the temptation then put your ticket money back into your savings.

Always try to remind yourself of what it is you’re saving for. Think of those warm sandy beaches and all that fine food just waiting for you.