Where To Swim With Dolphins In Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most visually outstanding places in the world, and the group of stunning islands have been a coveted luxury holiday destination for decades. There are a variety of special elements to these islands, from outstanding natural beauty to amazing wildlife and culture, however one of the best things about Hawaii is the opportunity to swim with Dolphins!

What many people don’t realise about swimming with dolphins, is that they’re actually swimming around you. In reality, if dolphins don’t want you in their pool or personal swimming space, they won’t come near you, and if they feel comfortable around you, then they’ll happily leap and circle around you.

The dolphins that live around the Hawaiian waters are extremely friendly, and that’s what makes the islands so popular for engaging with these intelligent and amazing sea creatures. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, and see whether you can be tempted to book a tropical getaway!

Oahu – Waianae Coast
One of the best places to swim with dolphins in Hawaii is the Waianae Coast, and there are a number of tour operators that offer luxury snorkelling along the western shore. The dolphins that are most frequently found swimming on the Waianae Coast are the Spinner species, however Spotted and Spinner dolphins have also been seen in these waters throughout the year. Humpback whales also make an appearance in Hawaii during the winter months, and thankfully the water isn’t as cold as it sounds – so get swimming!

Maui – Molokini Island
From swimming to snorkelling, and even scuba diving, Molokini Island is one of the most beautiful dolphin experiences to be found in Hawaii. The island itself is located under water, and is a stunning nature preserve for exotic fish, coral life and dolphins alike. Situated just off the coast of southern Maui, there are a number of diving tour operators that will take you down to the island’s volcano vent, allowing you to get extremely close to the dolphin pods.

Kauai – Na Pali Coast
Kauai is well known for its kayaking tours out along the crystal blue shoreline, but one of the best features of this expedition are the visitors you’ll meet along the way! Pods of spinner dolphins swim right up close and even surface to take a look at tourists paddling in their kayaks, and if you’re really gentle and calm, you can even put out a hand to touch one of them.

As your tour guide takes you into Hanalei Bay and around the sky high waterfalls, you’ll get the chance to snorkel amongst the beautiful coral reefs, turtles and tropical marine life. Safety is of the upmost importance, and you’ll be provided with floatation devices and expert snorkelling equipment to make sure you have the best experience possible with the dolphins. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, snorkelling off Kauai island is a must-try activity when visiting Hawaii.

This post was written by Sam Terry blogging for CheapFlights the flight booking experts.