London’s Must Visit Attractions for Tourists

Are you a hopeless romantic longing to see the place that inspired such wonderful works of British literature? Are you celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or are you a budding poet looking to be inspired by the home of the famous John Keats? Perhaps you’re a young socialite seeking fun in the shopping capital of the world, in search of adventure or just a good ole’ knees up!

The British Museum

Just one of London’s many landmarks, the remarkable British Museum captivates millions of tourists each year. This historic site encases objects, money, artefacts and hoards many cultures from the Vikings and ancient Egyptians to Tudor England, allowing you to discover world history in just one spectacularly beautiful building. With free admission and usual opening hours of 10:00 – 17:50, except for Fridays when closing time is pushed back to 20:30 (perfect if you’re arriving for the weekend), there is no reason why anybody should miss out on the amazing, wondrous and downright cool experience that the British Museum has to offer.

Shopping at Harrods

Whether you are a seasoned shopper, or simply browsing the sales waiting wanting to splash the cash, Harrods is a place you cannot afford to miss in London! With hundreds of departments within a stunning complex, it is the largest store in Europe. Check out the Egyptian room and escalator, try on some gowns and feel like you’re stepping into the Great Gatsby novel, or simply go to experience the food in the renowned food hall!

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe is an authentic re-creation of the original Globe Theatre that was built in the late 16th Century. Located on Bankside, it stands just 750ft from where the first Globe was erected, giving devoted fans of Shakespeare a real feel for its history. Today, Shakespeare’s Globe is a working theatre with an authentic open roof top and pit for a standing audience, as well as sheltered seating from where the wealthy, 17th century folk would have enjoyed the show comfortably. There are plenty of exhibitions and tours led by enthusiastic and friendly guides, so if you’re a theatre lover, this place should definitely be a stop on your activity check list!

The Gun Pub

London is inundated with innovative, historic and exciting places to wine and dine. Most Brits however, know the value of a good ole’ pub lunch, so why not check out The Gun? This public house retains history going back to as early as the 18th century, where it is speculated that Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton met regularly in secret. The Gun offers beautiful views of the Thames, exudes history but with a modern touch, and for summer visitors you can choose to eat al fresco and enjoy lots of delicious, fresh food. For more information visit