Alternative Things To Explore In New York

The United States offers travellers some of the most interesting holiday destinations in the world. Whatever your holiday plans, it is essential to take out holiday insurance before visiting the States: should you need medical treatment, costs can be very high.

One of the must-sees for visitors is New York City. For those who have been to NYC before, or for travellers who are looking for a more “authentic” New York experience, here are some top tips for alternative places to visit and things to do in the Big Apple.

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1.Take a helicopter ride over Manhattan

There are several companies offering 15-minute rides around Manhattan Island. Take off from the roof of a skyscraper and get a bird’s eye view of skyscrapers and famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty.

2. Visit Ground Zero

The site of the Twin Towers that were destroyed in the 9-11 attacks has been turned into a small memorial park, featuring a large waterfall and two reflecting pools. A visit here allows you to pay your respects to the three thousand people who died on one of the darkest days of American history.

3. Take in a comedy show

New York is famous for its stand-up comics, and there are many venues where you can see comedy at its best. Try Caroline’s on Broadway, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, or the National Comedy Theater.

4. Sail on a tall ship through New York harbour

There are two sailing ships that will take you on a cruise through New York’s historic harbour, sailing past the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building,allowing you a unique view of a side of New York many people will miss.

5. Go to a ball game

Whether your sport is football, baseball or basketball, you are spoiled for choice in New York. famous baseball teams include the Yankees and the Mets, while the football teams to look out for are the Giants and the Jets. Each team has a website where you can check for fixtures. Games always sell out, so if you plan to attend a game book your tickets well in advance.

6. Enjoy a walk through an elevated park

The High Line is a park created from an elevated railway line, disused since 1980, which crossed the Lower West side of Manhattan and which offers exciting views of the city.This vibrant, green oasis for walkers is now the second most visited cultural attraction in the city.

7. Relax at Water Taxi Beach

At Long Island City, opposite Manhattan Island, this man-made sandy beach is the perfect place to sip a Cosmopolitan and soak up the ambience of the Big Apple.

Top Things To Do In New York

The city of New York has been – and still is – today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. New York City consists of 5 major districts (boroughs):

– Manhattan
– Brooklyn
– The Bronx
– Queens
– Staten Island,

While all of of the boroughs have unique features to explore most visitors will stay in Manhattan which contains the most points of interest.

Some of the attractions here include;

The Empire State Building

This is one of the United States National Historic Landmarks. The building lies at the heart of Manhattan and ascends more than a ¼ of a mile into the sky. There is a glass-enclosed section which is cooled during summer and heated during winter, with a spacious outdoor esplanade around this epic building. It is here that you’ll come face to face with New York’s only virtual aerial simulator, the NY SKYRIDE.

Central Park

Central park is not only significant to New Yorkers but also to the citizens of the U.S at large. This is because the park was the first landscaped public park in the country. Central park offers both locals and tourists over 840 acres of nature and recreation, and is definitely the best place to take a stroll, jog, or simply relax for some picnic goodies.

American Museum of Natural History

Take a tour in the museum and experience both permanent and temporary exhibits on interesting topics such as early history, how diamonds were created, Nigerian masks and costumes, and endangered species. The natural history in the museum is also used in research by major institutions around the globe.

New York is also treasured by locals as well as tourists for its popular calendar events.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Started in 1924, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the second oldest parade in the history of the U.S. The event takes approximately three hours and is held annually on Thanksgiving Day. You can join the 2.5 million people celebration to jumpstart the holiday season by listening to exceptional marching bands and also watch balloons and floats display their weightless creativity. The closing of the parade is usually done by Santa Claus.

Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Centre

This is an annual Christmas tree lighting event that brings New Yorkers together with tourists at the Rockefeller Centre at the end of November or beginning of December. The tree has been put up every year since 1931 and is illuminated until the 1st week of January.

Where To Stay

Apartment New York
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If you are looking for a place lay your head and relax, renting an apartment in New York is a great alternative to staying in hotels. New York is expensive enough as it is, so having the option of being able to cook at home will go a long way to saving money, especially if you are in a family or group. Short term apartment rentals will also offer you a chance to get an idea of what it is like to live in New York City, away from the crowds of hotel. Look for new york vacation apartments here or beyond New York search for apartments of LocalNomad.

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