Can’t Miss Activities in London, GB

This capital city has been occupied for centuries, and it would take almost that much time to explore all it has to offer. From iconic landmarks to museums housing ancient artifacts, the possibilities can seem overwhelming while visiting London. Because you probably won’t have enough time to see and do it all, we’ve come up with a list of can’t-miss activities for your trip to London.

Buckingham Palace

There are a plethora of iconic landmarks to choose from when visiting London, but Buckingham Palace is a favorite among many visitors. Although you can’t walk through the private residence rooms in Buckingham Palace, you will be able to visit the State Rooms. Take special note of the impressive architecture. This royal residence was originally constructed back in the early 1700s, which means there’s plenty of history to explore. 

If you came to England to check out a castle, not a palace, Windsor Castle is your top choice. It’s the largest and oldest castle in the world, and there are many castle tours available should you want to learn more about the history of the castle complex. 

Natural History Museum

Travelers with families, science lovers, and history lovers will especially enjoy a visit to the London Natural History Museum. Because it’s both a museum and research institution, you never know who or what you’ll bump into while walking around. You’ll be taken back to the time of the dinosaurs as you walk past the animatronic re-creations of these ancient reptiles. The Creepy Crawlies area will make your skin crawl as the children squeal in joy. With over 80 million specimens to look at, you’ll never get bored.

Theatre Royal on Drury Lane

The current theater is the fourth one built on this site, and the history of this building goes back to the mid-1600s. Many famous playwrights have called this theater home, including William Shakespeare. These days, you can catch all types of plays, depending on the season. From comedy to drama, this theater will give you hours of entertainment. This is a great area to start your search for a good hotel in London. It is centrally located, with many restaurant options nearby.

Fish and Chips

A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a plate (or two) of the traditional Londoner meal, fish and chips. The white fish and the crispy chips go down well with a nice pint of beer, and are available at almost all restaurants around the city. A couple of favorites are Golden Union if you’re looking for takeout and Fish Central Restaurant if you’re looking for ultra-fresh fish.

Columbia Road Flower Market

There are a lot of shopping options in London, but we like this outdoor market the best. Although you won’t be able to find the latest fashions, you’ll find the freshest flowers in the city. Even if you don’t purchase anything, your nose will be delighted by all the fragrant flora this market has to offer.