The 10 Best Family-Friendly Activities in London

London offers such a wealth of attractions that it can seem overwhelming to whittle down the choices for a trip. And of course, even the best-made plans may be foiled by the city’s notoriously fickle weather. Add in some potentially picky kids, and the UK capital can seem like a traveling family’s nightmare. But London’s amazing selection of family-friendly activities far outweighs its occasionally gloomy weather. Here are some of the best family activities to enjoy in London, rain or shine!


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1. The London Eye

A bird’s eye view of the city is a great way to kick off any visit to London, especially with the visibility of a clear day. It holds the title of Europe’s largest ferris wheel, and families can enjoy its breathtaking views in large pods that hold up to 25 people. The pods have seating, but guests are also free to stand up and roam around to experience the view from every angle. The London Eye is also close to the Strand Palace, a beautiful and centrally located place from which to base your visit.

2. Kensington Gardens

One of the most enchanting spots for children in London is the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, the site for which was personally chosen by its author J.M. Barrie. Nearby is the Peter Pan-inspired Diana Memorial Playground, built to the memory of the late Princess of Wales. The park includes an enormous pirate ship in a sandy lot, lush plant life, play features for kids with disabilities, and plenty of seating for accompanying adults. Bring a picnic lunch to the park to make the best of a sunny day in the city. Lines can get long at peak times, so the adjacent Thistle Hyde Park is a great accommodation option to use as a home base.

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3. Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

For a diversion that’s both iconic and free of charge, head to Buckingham Palace to witness the famous Changing the Guard. Both kids and adults will love the pageantry and pomp, and the ceremony is relatively short, lasting about 45 minutes. For added entertainment, download theChanging the Guard app, which offers answers to kids’ frequently asked questions, as well as in depth details about the ceremony and its history. To rub shoulders with the Queen, the lovely Grange Wellington Hotel is a great alternative to pricier options in this neighborhood.

4. Coram’s Fields

Coram’s Fields offers an expansive outdoor experience in central London. The park offers a huge range of activities: kids can visit the duck pond or city farm, climb the playgrounds, dig in the sand pit, or zoom around on a zip line or aerial slide. Adults will appreciate the excellent coffee atPistachios in the Park, which also offers cakes and healthy snacks. The park is a registered charity and entrance is free of charge. And if you’re looking for a child-friendly hotel option in Bloomsbury, Hotel Russelloffers childcare and free internet service.

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5. Hackney City Farm

In operation since 1984, Hackney City Farm is an educational and enjoyable treat for both children and adults. Animals like sheep, chickens, rabbits, bees, and donkeys can be viewed in the grazing area, and the farm also features a butterfly house and a vegetable garden. Farm staff aim to educate kids on caring for plant and animal life in an environmentally conscious way, and to this end offer a variety of classes in subjects such as pottery, animal grooming, and beekeeping. One of the biggest draws at Hackney City Farm is the on-site restaurant Frizzante.  Its Italian agriturismo-inspired menu and friendly atmosphere have made it a popular stop for families in the area. Staying at the nearby Re London Shoreditch will also put you conveniently close to the Tower of London and London Bridge.


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6. Museum of Childhood

Part of the fantastic Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Childhood features a large collection of historic children’s toys and games. Interspersed with the exhibits are interactive features for kids to get involved with and even sometimes handle the objects, such as antique dollhouses and figurines. The museum also offers classes in arts, storytelling, and crocheting.  The gorgeous 130 Queen’s Gate Apartmentsare a great hotel alternative in the area.

7. The Wallace Collection

For a manageable but exciting alternative to the huge London museums, bring the family to the Wallace Collection, a museum displaying the collection of Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace. Kids will love trying on knights’ armor at the Conservation Gallery or following a trail of Warrior Kings, and adult art-lovers will appreciate the many fine works of art, including pieces by Rembrandt and Poussin. Entrance is free of charge, and the museum also houses a lovely little cafe.  For accommodation nearby, it’s hard to beat the beautiful Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes London.

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8. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

This hilarious and charming shop is a must-see for every kid with an active imagination. It’s operated as part of the Ministry of Stories, an initiative founded by Nick Hornby to encourage writing and creativity in kids and young adults. The store itself provides a writing space where workshops are offered and sells products such as Impacted Earwax, Fang Floss, and Flayed Skin in apothecary-style packaging. Stay at theAce Hotel London Shoreditch for a cool and contemporary lodging option in the neighborhood.

9. London Aquatics Centre

Rainy days can be frustrating for active families, but the London Aquatics Centre is a great way to get moving indoors. Formerly used for the 2012 Olympics, it features top notch facilities and equipment. Kids can swim in either lane or lap pools, go diving, take swim lessons, or try the Aqua Splash obstacle course. Admission is under 5 pounds, and it makes for a day of energetic family fun. The Westbridge Hotel is a great option in the Stratford area and will give you easy access to the Olympic Stadium as well.

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10. Children’s Theatre

A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some of the city’s vibrant theatre scene. There are plenty of theatres and shows geared specifically toward kids, but the musical Matilda, produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, is a great option that’s sure to excite the whole family. Based on the classic children’s novel by British author Roald Dahl, the musical’s catchy songs and fiery performances have propelled it to many awards, among which was Best New Musical at the 2012 Laurence Olivier Awards. Stay at The Montague On The Gardens near Trafalgar Square to be close to the theater and many other London attractions.

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Top Things to do at Sunrise in London

There’s no better way to enjoy the best sights in London than at sunrise. It is amazing how much is within easy reach of most hotels in the city. If you are an early bird or just want to pack as much as possible into your stay in the British capital, here are some ideas of what you can do at dawn.

Go for a Run

There’s nothing quite like a run to energize your day. One of the best places to run in London is Regent’s Park. Listen to the call of the animals in nearby London Zoo while running past immaculate gardens on the Inner Circle. Head up to Primrose Hill for a mesmerizing view of the city skyline at sunrise.

Head to the Pub for Breakfast

In the heart of the City of London, Smithfield Meat Market ceases trading at 6 a.m. The porters and butchers traditionally head to the pubs for breakfast. For a traditional cooked English breakfast alongside night workers and those heading to business meetings in the city, spend the early hours at a pub in Smithfield. Fox and Anchor and Smiths of Smithfield are among several good places to try.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

For a panoramic view of London, a hot air balloon ride sounds exactly what you need. There are launch pads near the Tower of London and many of the balloon flights take in some of the most famous sights in the city. Set up camp at Fraser Residence City Hotel and head out for an early morning adventure . Glide over commuters, the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament as the city wakes up to a new day. This is one of the best times to view London from the air, especially as the sun rises.

Go for a Walk

Sunrise is a beautiful time to walk through London. Take the path up through Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory and the meridian time line. You can even stand on Greenwich Mean Time as the sun comes up. Want a shorter walk? Watch the sun come up from Waterloo Bridge, and then head down the trail along the River Thames towards St Paul’s Cathedral as the early sunlight glimmers on the water.

London is full of things to do. Which activity will you wake up to from yourhotel in London?

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Can’t Miss Activities in London, GB

This capital city has been occupied for centuries, and it would take almost that much time to explore all it has to offer. From iconic landmarks to museums housing ancient artifacts, the possibilities can seem overwhelming while visiting London. Because you probably won’t have enough time to see and do it all, we’ve come up with a list of can’t-miss activities for your trip to London.

Buckingham Palace

There are a plethora of iconic landmarks to choose from when visiting London, but Buckingham Palace is a favorite among many visitors. Although you can’t walk through the private residence rooms in Buckingham Palace, you will be able to visit the State Rooms. Take special note of the impressive architecture. This royal residence was originally constructed back in the early 1700s, which means there’s plenty of history to explore. 

If you came to England to check out a castle, not a palace, Windsor Castle is your top choice. It’s the largest and oldest castle in the world, and there are many castle tours available should you want to learn more about the history of the castle complex. 

Natural History Museum

Travelers with families, science lovers, and history lovers will especially enjoy a visit to the London Natural History Museum. Because it’s both a museum and research institution, you never know who or what you’ll bump into while walking around. You’ll be taken back to the time of the dinosaurs as you walk past the animatronic re-creations of these ancient reptiles. The Creepy Crawlies area will make your skin crawl as the children squeal in joy. With over 80 million specimens to look at, you’ll never get bored.

Theatre Royal on Drury Lane

The current theater is the fourth one built on this site, and the history of this building goes back to the mid-1600s. Many famous playwrights have called this theater home, including William Shakespeare. These days, you can catch all types of plays, depending on the season. From comedy to drama, this theater will give you hours of entertainment. This is a great area to start your search for a good hotel in London. It is centrally located, with many restaurant options nearby.

Fish and Chips

A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a plate (or two) of the traditional Londoner meal, fish and chips. The white fish and the crispy chips go down well with a nice pint of beer, and are available at almost all restaurants around the city. A couple of favorites are Golden Union if you’re looking for takeout and Fish Central Restaurant if you’re looking for ultra-fresh fish.

Columbia Road Flower Market

There are a lot of shopping options in London, but we like this outdoor market the best. Although you won’t be able to find the latest fashions, you’ll find the freshest flowers in the city. Even if you don’t purchase anything, your nose will be delighted by all the fragrant flora this market has to offer. 

Alternative Things To Explore In New York

The United States offers travellers some of the most interesting holiday destinations in the world. Whatever your holiday plans, it is essential to take out holiday insurance before visiting the States: should you need medical treatment, costs can be very high.

One of the must-sees for visitors is New York City. For those who have been to NYC before, or for travellers who are looking for a more “authentic” New York experience, here are some top tips for alternative places to visit and things to do in the Big Apple.

And don’t forget that if you are a visitor to the US you can apply for a ESTA application online.

1.Take a helicopter ride over Manhattan

There are several companies offering 15-minute rides around Manhattan Island. Take off from the roof of a skyscraper and get a bird’s eye view of skyscrapers and famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty.

2. Visit Ground Zero

The site of the Twin Towers that were destroyed in the 9-11 attacks has been turned into a small memorial park, featuring a large waterfall and two reflecting pools. A visit here allows you to pay your respects to the three thousand people who died on one of the darkest days of American history.

3. Take in a comedy show

New York is famous for its stand-up comics, and there are many venues where you can see comedy at its best. Try Caroline’s on Broadway, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, or the National Comedy Theater.

4. Sail on a tall ship through New York harbour

There are two sailing ships that will take you on a cruise through New York’s historic harbour, sailing past the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building,allowing you a unique view of a side of New York many people will miss.

5. Go to a ball game

Whether your sport is football, baseball or basketball, you are spoiled for choice in New York. famous baseball teams include the Yankees and the Mets, while the football teams to look out for are the Giants and the Jets. Each team has a website where you can check for fixtures. Games always sell out, so if you plan to attend a game book your tickets well in advance.

6. Enjoy a walk through an elevated park

The High Line is a park created from an elevated railway line, disused since 1980, which crossed the Lower West side of Manhattan and which offers exciting views of the city.This vibrant, green oasis for walkers is now the second most visited cultural attraction in the city.

7. Relax at Water Taxi Beach

At Long Island City, opposite Manhattan Island, this man-made sandy beach is the perfect place to sip a Cosmopolitan and soak up the ambience of the Big Apple.

Top Things To Do In New York

The city of New York has been – and still is – today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. New York City consists of 5 major districts (boroughs):

– Manhattan
– Brooklyn
– The Bronx
– Queens
– Staten Island,

While all of of the boroughs have unique features to explore most visitors will stay in Manhattan which contains the most points of interest.

Some of the attractions here include;

The Empire State Building

This is one of the United States National Historic Landmarks. The building lies at the heart of Manhattan and ascends more than a ¼ of a mile into the sky. There is a glass-enclosed section which is cooled during summer and heated during winter, with a spacious outdoor esplanade around this epic building. It is here that you’ll come face to face with New York’s only virtual aerial simulator, the NY SKYRIDE.

Central Park

Central park is not only significant to New Yorkers but also to the citizens of the U.S at large. This is because the park was the first landscaped public park in the country. Central park offers both locals and tourists over 840 acres of nature and recreation, and is definitely the best place to take a stroll, jog, or simply relax for some picnic goodies.

American Museum of Natural History

Take a tour in the museum and experience both permanent and temporary exhibits on interesting topics such as early history, how diamonds were created, Nigerian masks and costumes, and endangered species. The natural history in the museum is also used in research by major institutions around the globe.

New York is also treasured by locals as well as tourists for its popular calendar events.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Started in 1924, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is the second oldest parade in the history of the U.S. The event takes approximately three hours and is held annually on Thanksgiving Day. You can join the 2.5 million people celebration to jumpstart the holiday season by listening to exceptional marching bands and also watch balloons and floats display their weightless creativity. The closing of the parade is usually done by Santa Claus.

Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Centre

This is an annual Christmas tree lighting event that brings New Yorkers together with tourists at the Rockefeller Centre at the end of November or beginning of December. The tree has been put up every year since 1931 and is illuminated until the 1st week of January.

Where To Stay

Apartment New York
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If you are looking for a place lay your head and relax, renting an apartment in New York is a great alternative to staying in hotels. New York is expensive enough as it is, so having the option of being able to cook at home will go a long way to saving money, especially if you are in a family or group. Short term apartment rentals will also offer you a chance to get an idea of what it is like to live in New York City, away from the crowds of hotel. Look for new york vacation apartments here or beyond New York search for apartments of LocalNomad.

More Travel Tips Before You Go

Before you get on the plane check out these 10 things to know before you travel to New York.
10 Things To Know If You Travel To NY

New York Travel and Tourism Tips

New York City carries so much weight with its name. It is a leading global city, one of the most important in the world. The massive mixture of cultures and personalities makes for a canvass that as sprayed with just about every color imaginable. At first, it seems like it’s all just thrown together carelessly, but then you realize that it all blends together incredibly. The attitude of the city is a turn off to some. It is a dog-eat-dog town, where only the best in the world make it. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere,” is one of the truest statements made about a city. You can’t really hold it against New York. New York deserves to be elitist, as the city has paid its dues and has established itself as a place of competition and ambition. Try not to sleep while you’re in New York. The city will leave you behind, and you’ll need every single waking hour to keep up and see the best that it has to offer. As an Australian, travelling there is fairly easy, there are a myriad of flights available online and easily bookable. When you get there, here are some tips to get the most out of this city:

* Check out a Broadway show. This is the pinnacle of theater acting, and does a very good job of symbolizing the relentless push to the top that is at the heart of New York’s spirit. Also, the shows are just really freaking cool. The best of the best put on the best theater shows around, and will certainly make for a great night.

* Stroll through Central Park. This is one of the few – if not the only – spots in Manhattan where you’ll see something green. The concrete jungle has a park sitting right in the middle, and at 843 acres, there is plenty of it to see. Just don’t head here after dark, and you’ll be fine.

* Do the touristy stuff. I know it may seem like an obligation at a lot of places you go to, to go to the places you’ve seen a million pictures of because you feel like you are missing out if you don’t, but you’ll be glad you went. The Statue of Liberty has been standing tall as a beacon of hope welcoming everyone to America since 1892, and the view is impressive against the backdrop of the city. The Empire State Building is one you should check out, too. Yeah, it’s not the tallest building in the world, or even in New York, but it’s still a damn good view.

* Visit the World Trade Center Site. There is a new building there- One World Trade Center, which is the tallest building in the country- and of course the memorial for all those who died on September 11th, 2001. It is a very sobering visit, but one that will really show you the strength of this city.

* Visit Times Square. You’ll be amazed at the masses of people (another symbol of New York), and the lights and buildings that are the heartbeat of the city, and the “Center of the World”. You’ll find great street food and Broadway shows here.

* The Metropolitan Museum of Arts. With over 2 million collections of art from cultures all over the world from every time period, this is one of the best museums you will likely visit in your lifetime.

* New York Public Library. You’ve likely seen pictures of the two giant lion statues that mark the entrance to one of America’s most famous libraries, which is also a National Historic Landmark. With over 6 million books under its roof, you’ll find it way too easy to spend a lot of time in here.

* Go to a bar. Any bar. Seriously, you can’t miss in this city. The bars blend an atmosphere of low-lit ambiance and romantic intimacy packed in every corner of the city. You’ll meet just about everyone from everywhere here in New York City, and the best way to get to know them is to sit down in a corner booth in a packed bar and strike up a conversation about this crazy city. You’ll find yourself doing this until the wee hours of the morning, as you start to take on the habits of the city that never sleeps.

8 Exotic Destinations You Can Afford in London

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If you’re planning a trip to London and want to make sure you stick to a budget, you don’t have to worry. We have you covered with eight exotic and exciting destinations in London that are going to ensure you have a good time when visiting one of Europe’s oldest cities. The best part is that you’re not going to need to spend a lot of money to enjoy these destinations. All you need is some time and perhaps the company of a good friend.

Eight Exotic Locations in London

Here’s a look at eight specific places you can visit cheaply when you’re in London.

1. ArcelorMittal Orbit – This is new in the London Skyline, but it’s something you’re going to want to see up close and personal if you’re in the area. Not everyone enjoys this architectural piece of art, but it doesn’t cost a lot of money to admire it.

2. Kew Gardens – This is a World Heritage Site and you can get in for under fifteen pounds, which is really a great price when you consider all the history you can learn from visiting this location.

3. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – This is a piece of London history you’re not going to want to miss. And at around fourteen pounds to get in, it’s not going to leave you broke. Be prepared to step back in time.

4. London Zoo – While it’s going to set you back £22.80 on average per person, there’s nothing more exotic than seeing wildlife from around the world all in one place. Just make sure you don’t feed the animals!

5. HMS Belfast – This is an exotic ship from the past. And at around £14.05 to get in, you’re not going to have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it. This isn’t the most exotic spot in London to check out, but it’s different and can be a lot of fun.

6. Chislehurst Caves – At around six pounds per person, you can’t get more affordable than this. And the location is definitely exotic. It’s not every day you get to travel and explore a cave system that’s been around a long, long time.

7. London Wetland Centre – If you want to see wildlife from the wetlands – mostly avian – up close and personal, you’re going to want to stop at the London Wetland Centre for a day of fun among the flying creatures – some quite exotic.

8. Chelsea Physic Garden – Under ten pounds to get in, this is a great “secret garden” in London that you’re not going to want to miss.

If you’re traveling to London and want to make sure you stick to a budget, be sure to check out the eight exotic locations we’ve outlined above. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, it’s possible to see the exciting side of London without spending a lot of money.

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London’s Must Visit Attractions for Tourists

Are you a hopeless romantic longing to see the place that inspired such wonderful works of British literature? Are you celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or are you a budding poet looking to be inspired by the home of the famous John Keats? Perhaps you’re a young socialite seeking fun in the shopping capital of the world, in search of adventure or just a good ole’ knees up!

The British Museum

Just one of London’s many landmarks, the remarkable British Museum captivates millions of tourists each year. This historic site encases objects, money, artefacts and hoards many cultures from the Vikings and ancient Egyptians to Tudor England, allowing you to discover world history in just one spectacularly beautiful building. With free admission and usual opening hours of 10:00 – 17:50, except for Fridays when closing time is pushed back to 20:30 (perfect if you’re arriving for the weekend), there is no reason why anybody should miss out on the amazing, wondrous and downright cool experience that the British Museum has to offer.

Shopping at Harrods

Whether you are a seasoned shopper, or simply browsing the sales waiting wanting to splash the cash, Harrods is a place you cannot afford to miss in London! With hundreds of departments within a stunning complex, it is the largest store in Europe. Check out the Egyptian room and escalator, try on some gowns and feel like you’re stepping into the Great Gatsby novel, or simply go to experience the food in the renowned food hall!

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe is an authentic re-creation of the original Globe Theatre that was built in the late 16th Century. Located on Bankside, it stands just 750ft from where the first Globe was erected, giving devoted fans of Shakespeare a real feel for its history. Today, Shakespeare’s Globe is a working theatre with an authentic open roof top and pit for a standing audience, as well as sheltered seating from where the wealthy, 17th century folk would have enjoyed the show comfortably. There are plenty of exhibitions and tours led by enthusiastic and friendly guides, so if you’re a theatre lover, this place should definitely be a stop on your activity check list!

The Gun Pub

London is inundated with innovative, historic and exciting places to wine and dine. Most Brits however, know the value of a good ole’ pub lunch, so why not check out The Gun? This public house retains history going back to as early as the 18th century, where it is speculated that Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton met regularly in secret. The Gun offers beautiful views of the Thames, exudes history but with a modern touch, and for summer visitors you can choose to eat al fresco and enjoy lots of delicious, fresh food. For more information visit

Gatwick Airport Hotels Are Great For The Night Before You Fly

Do you have an early morning flight from Gatwick but live 100 miles away from the airport? Does this mean you would have to leave home at an ungodly hour just to reach the airport on time? Well, for those of you who are brave enough to do this, I envy you. However, there is no harm in booking an airport hotel to ensure a good night’s sleep the night before your flight and also, reducing your journey time to the airport from 2.5 hours to between 10 and 2 minutes! Booking an airport hotel is definitely worth considering and I recommend as a fantastic comparison site offering deals on Gatwick airport hotels. Simply visit them online, input your details and check out the offering.

To get you started, I have listed a few hotels below that are both reasonably priced and guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep.

Copthorne Hotel in Gatwick
Situated in the village of Copthorne this hotel is 10 minutes away from the airport. Set in 100 acres of garden and woodlands, you will have free use of the LA Fitness gym and the pool next to the hotel. Indulge in one of the hotels restaurants for dinner and a breakfast buffet. With airport transfers every hour, all you need to think about is booking your transfer on arrival and prepare to enjoy the final few hours before you jet off.

Best Western Moat House Gatwick
On the airport perimeter with parking in the hotel car park, the Best Western Moat House has airport transfers 24 hours a day and the journey time is only 5 minutes. With rooms that sleep up to 7 people this is a great hotel for bigger parties. Business people will find the hotel especially accommodating with free Wi-Fi offering and meeting rooms. With a 4.5 star rating by previous customers the hotel is very convenient for anyone looking to stay the night before their flight.

Sofitel (North Terminal) in Gatwick
Located at the North Terminal this hotel has a covered walkway to the airport from the hotel. The hotel offers free transfers to the South Terminal taking approximately 2 minutes and also, if you choose to leave your car, it will be collected and taken to a secure car park for the duration of your holiday. Offering complimentary Wi-Fi and a choice of four restaurants serving international cuisine, this hotel is lovely for a pre-flight stay and is sure to relax you and your party before your forthcoming holiday.

About the author: This article was written by Nishma Shah for FHR Airport Hotels and Parking.

London Calling? Rent a Car!

Are you planning a trip to London out of New York, and looking for planning tips to make the holiday easier? The option to rent a car is the perfect solution for those wanting to streamline the organizing process and end up with a trip to remember. It is a cost effective option that provides plenty of flexibility, so you can put together the trip you really want. Plus, it is incredibly easy to pick up your rental right upon landing at the airport in London, meaning you don’t have to waste any time before getting your trip started.


One of the most attractive reasons for renting a car is the ability to save major dollars on your travel costs. Particularly when coming from New York and having to convert your American cash to British pounds, you are liable to feel the squeeze. Plus, travel expenses like subway tickets, trains and cab fares can be especially costly for Americans not used to paying in British coin. Instead, rent a car for your London trip to save some substantial costs, without having to sacrifice on the enjoyment of your trip.


Of course, once you are in London you are going to want to see all the city has to offer–Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace. There is so much to see and do and you could spend so much time on public transport if you rely on buses and the Tube. But by renting your own travel car you can get yourself from point a to point b without having to spend those extra minutes trying to navigate a foreign public transportation system. Plus, you get the benefit of your own private car windows to look out and see the new city in front of you. It’s a great way to get out and see it all.

Day Trips

Once you have seen all the sights in London, renting a car also means you get the benefit of whisking yourself out of the city for a day. Day trips out of London are plentiful, as there are so many spots nearby worth checking out, all which take little time to get to via rental car. Cities and towns like Bath, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, and Salisbury where Stonehenge is are a quick drive away and a charming way to see some of the beautiful English countryside without taking away too much time from your London get away.

Travel in London can be overwhelming for newcomers, but it does not have to be, particularly when you make the choice to rent your own private vehicle. You are putting all of your transportation decisions in your own hands. Plus, the traffic signs will all be in English anyway, making it the perfect way to ease yourself into the habit of driving while abroad. It is an easy option for those looking to save a few bucks, and an ideal option if you hope to get away for a quick day trip or two.

This post comes from the writing team at Skedaddle Car hire. Check out their blog for plenty of ideas on what to do when on the road.